Roosevelt Middle School

AVID Central

What is AVID?

AVID is a program that increases school wide performance and learning.

AVID Student Profile

  • Average to high test scores
  • GPA 2.0 to 3.5 
  • Motivation and Determination
  • College Potential with support
  • No major behavior or attendance problems

AVID Program Essentials

  • Student  are interviewed, sign a contract to participate in the AVID program
  • Teachers are trained in AVID methodologies and choose to participate in the AVID program
  • AVID students must be enrolled in rigorous courses of study that will prepare them to attend a four year university
  • Organizational Skills are taught to promote academic self- management
  • Strong, relevant writing and reading curriculum
  • Promotes collaboration and critical thinking
  • Student/trained college tutors ratio 7:1 
  • AVID tutors facilitate tutorials and lead academic discussions
  • Data is collected to analysis success of the program
  • District provides resources to implement the AVID program
  • AVID Site Team collaborates on student success, curriculum and activities

AVID Activities

  • Students collaborate and learn from each other in tutorial groups
  • Visit local colleges/universities
  • Community service
  • Career and College reports

Contact information:

Monique C. Seabrook, AVID Coordinator

AVID Recruitment

AVID Recruitment is currently taking place the week of May 4th and May 11th.