Roosevelt Middle School

Book Recommendations:


1. No food. No drinks (including water).

2. No running, playing, or loud voices. 

3. "Fun Furniture" (i.e. cafe tables, couch, bean bags) are for silent reading only. 

4. Students must have their current school ID card in order to check out a book. No exceptions.

5. Computers in the library are for homework use ONLY. 

For other library policies, please see the sections below.  


Westphal, Deanna


Please check this website for information about the RMS library hours, policies, fines and fees, and closures.


Library Hours


9:10 to 4:00

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

8:10 to 4:00

The library is subject to closure at any other time. 

Teachers and their classes as well as groups using the library for testing, district meetings, or special presentations have priority when reserving and using the library. 

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If you see a book with this yellow YA label, it means that the book may contain mature content. (For example, scenes of violence or battles, a romantic relationship, or a bad word.) 



General Library Policies

Students may use the library to check out textbooks and library books free of charge. A set of textbooks is issued to each student at the beginning of their school year; this set is meant to be kept at home for the student's use. Students will return their set of textbooks at the end of the school year.   

For more information about fines associated with lost, stolen, or damaged textbooks and library books, please see the sections below.  Otherwise, here are the general policies for the RMS library:  


Students must have their current school ID card to check out library books and textbooks


Students may check out up to 3 library books for 3 weeks at a time



Computers (ChromeBoxes) are available for student use while in the library and are issued on a first come/first serve basis.  Computers in the library are for homework only - no games, no chatting, no music! 


AR tests can be taken ONLY at the "AR Station" located behind the librarian's desk. Please ask the librarian for more details on how to take an AR test in the library.  


Students may use their own portable devices to do homework or read a book while in the library. Students must first ask the librarian. 



Library Fines

If a library book is LOST or never returned, expect to pay...

$5.00-$30.00 per book (you will be charged the same price that the library paid when the book was originally purchased)

If a library book is DAMAGED, expect to pay...

Damaged or missing barcode: $5.00

Damaged pages: $5.00


Textbook Fines

Lost, damaged, or stolen books are the responsibility of the student. If a textbook is lost, damaged, or stolen, the student will be charged according to the fees listed below.  If the textbook(s) is not returned or payment is not made, RMS will place a hold on a student's record.  This hold means that the student is not allowed to register or receive textbooks for the next school year until the textbook has been returned or the fine has been satisfied. 

If a textbook is LOST or STOLEN, expect to pay...

6th-8th grade science textbook: $60.00-$80.00

6th-8th grade math textbook: $70.00-$80.00

6th-8th grade social studies/history textbook: $60.00-$70.00

6th-8th grade language arts textbook: $55.00-$65.00

6th-8th grade grammar textbook: $50.00-$60.00

6th-8th grade classroom novels: $15.00-$20.00 

Spanish 1 textbook: $60.00  


If a textbook is DAMAGED, expect to pay...

Damaged or missing barcode: $5.00-$10.00

Damaged cover: $7.50-$10.00

Damaged pages: $5.00-$10.00


Contact the RMS library

Address: 850 Sagewood Drive, Oceanside, CA 92057


Phone: 760-726-8003, ext. 63017

Mrs. Westphal, Library Media Technician

Mrs. Westphal, Library Media Technician